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Women From Cosmos

Women From Cosmos (WFC) is an NFT art project based on empowering female creative communities in the blockchain and web3 space.

WFC was one of the first NFT projects to bring 1/1 art to the Cosmos Ecosystem and represent women.




Women From Cosmos is a female artist-led universe that came to celebrate unique, strong & empowered women✨

Our main mission is to support other female creatives communities along our way. Through the Women From Cosmos Give back Initiative (WFGI), we've been helping other female artists both by purchasing their art and helping them with their first steps into the web3 revolution.

We want to make an impact and inspire others 💜



The main collection has 100 UNIQUE & EXCLUSIVE PIECES based on the Cosmos as main theme as a tribute to the ecosystem (Cosmos Hub).

Every piece was manually hand-drawn one by one (1/1 PFP) by María - mamoresxiv. Some of our babes came with special perks to the first owner and were put on sale through auctions.

Among our badass WFC, there are different races:

💜 HUMANS: They represent the majority of the Women From Cosmos. They're free, empowered & with unique personalities. They usually live on Earth, where they belong.

🤖 CYBERPUNKS: A more advanced race of humans. They are  easy to recognize as they have modified some parts of their bodies to reach their full potential. They are passionate about technology and web 3. They tend to be nomads, so you'll find them in different planets.

🏹 ALFARS: They live on Alfheim, the elves home. There are two types of elves: Elves of Light & Dark Elves, who usually live in the mountains or in dark places. They are magical creatures who help to keep the Cosmos safe and protected from bad spirits and energies.

👼 GUARDIANS: The guardians of the Cosmos, they have been there since the very beginning of the universe.
They are ensuring the peace in the Cosmos. Some of them have served as a guide for humans on several occasions throughout history and are also known as constellations.

GODDESSES OF COSMOS: They are really important figure: They are the ones who runs our Cosmoverse. Goddesses are appreciated and loved by everyone.
Between the goddesses we can find: Sol (Sun), Selene (Moon), Nyx, Venus & Gaia (Earth).

By owning a Women From Cosmos you will have access to exclusive members only perks like giveaways, voting rights, raffles, free airdrops and more.



Our core values revolve around inclusivity, support & empathy.
We believe in the power of community enriched by diversity.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

Founder & Artist
Supervisor & Cheerleader
Developer 2022